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Come and join us for the Butterfly Fun Run 2023

Miscarriage is one of those topics that people run away from – it's big, it’s hard, it’s sad and it’s scary.

Our annual Butterfly Fun Run is back for its fourth year, where we bring miscarriage out of the shadows to commemorate a very special cause – Baby Loss Awareness Week.

Founded by Aleisha Black and Corrine Christian, Miscarriage Matters NZ is the only charity of its kind making information about miscarriage easy to find and in one thoughtfully collated place.

Raising awareness for miscarriage in Aotearoa New Zealand, our team are determined to ensure no woman or her whānau feel alone.

“The Butterfly Fun Run is a place where our community of people can get together and have fun,” Aleisha says.

“Plus, it’s a positive outlet where people can have the chance to think about a loss – whether it’s from five years ago or fifty years ago, it’s also a touching reminder that there is this huge community of people who have been affected by miscarriage.”

From adults to children, everyone is welcome to run or walk the 6km loop.

“We know miscarriage can affect anyone, and when you’re out there in the sunshine going for a walk or a run, it’s bringing the experience out of the dark where it’s okay to talk about it, and if you want, take a quiet moment to remember it.”

At Miscarriage Matters NZ, our hope is to normalise discussion around miscarriage and remind those who are struggling that ‘mis’ does not mean mistake.

“We use the word miscarriage all the time, because we know the power of words. When you use them, you can start to change their meaning, allowing the word to be associated with different things.

“When we link the word to fun runs, knowledge, and heartfelt support, then we’re creating more of a space where it’s okay to open up and talk about it, rather than something that is hidden and taboo.”

Come, dress up, and join us for our Butterfly Fun Run on October 15 at the Groynes in Christchurch.

Each registration goes into the draw to win amazing spot prizes, including those for best dressed and first three participants over the finish line.

Coffee, pastries, and fun times await!

Registrations are open now, tickets available at Eventfinda.


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