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Care Packages

We make care packages for women in Canterbury, the West Coast, North Shore (Auckland), South Auckland and Wellington who experience miscarriage. We deliver over 130 care packages every month. We would love all women in New Zealand to receive these but we have to limit ourselves until we have more members across the country in order to sustainably generate and distribute the number required. 

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Care Packages

Our Mission
To improve the experience of miscarriage in New Zealand by empowering people with information,
advocacy and support. One way we hope to achieve this objective is by giving out care packages.

Purpose of the care packages:
Our care packages are there to show women who are experiencing miscarriage that they are cared for
and important.

What is in the care package:
Our care packages are well presented and personal, with products that make people feel good and
nourished. Each care package is made to this formula: one food or drink item (including
vouchers), one wellness or comfort item, one plant or seed item, one keepsake, and one handwritten
card, all presented together in a home-sewn calico bag.

"The women we have given them to have really appreciated the sentiment behind them.  I also appreciate having something to give them that isn't just a couple of pamphlets and some information, which is important I know, but something to show we care and it isn't all clinical is lovely." - Nic Rankin, Midwife

"I just wanted to message and say thank you. Sadly my husband and I lost our much loved and much wanted baby at labour weekend and we were given one of your gift packs. Whilst it doesn’t take our pain, it was such a beautiful gesture and made us smile in a dark time" - Private message
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