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Our Name

We wanted to talk about miscarriage so we started by putting it in our name. 


Our Mission

To be a voice for miscarriage in New Zealand. 


To improve the experience of miscarriage in New Zealand by empowering people with information, advocacy and support.

By raising awareness, connecting existing services, providing information, delivering care packages, supporting midwives (and other maternity carers), supporting research, and advocating for positive change. 


Our History

Miscarriage Matters NZ Incorporated




New Zealand charity status

Trial care packages delivered in Canterbury

Started collaboration with Sands Canterbury 












Our Story

My sister and I were both pregnant at the same time, but only one of us got to hold our baby. The contrast between the care that we received was huge. 


How could it be that my sister went through her miscarriage at home with no medical advice? How could it be that I didn't know how to help her? Well, maybe because there are no guidelines specifying what information should be provided to a woman experiencing a miscarriage, because different departments deal with different aspects of miscarriage and don’t always communicate very well with each other, because our collective knowledge of miscarriage is almost non-existent, and because there was no organisation taking care of miscarriage in its entirety. 

We delved further into understanding the state of things here in New Zealand. Together we were able to get an article about miscarriage care into the Midwifery News. But by then we found that we couldn’t stop; the stories that we were hearing from other women and their families couldn’t be resolved with just one article. In the words of Brooke Fraser, now that I have seen, I am responsible. So in July, 2019 we gathered together fifteen friends and family in my sister’s living room and, with biscuits and a cup of tea in hand, we formed Miscarriage Matters NZ Incorporated.

- Aleisha Black 

Miscarriage Matters NZ, founding Chairperson

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